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Struzyk Lorraine R

116 N Hudson Ave Spring Valley, MN 55975

(507) 346-7460

Struzyk Lorraine R is classified Family Child Care Home provider operating based upon state regulations located in Spring Valley, MN. Classification: C1, Restrictions: No transporting of children under age nine., , daycare services. The total capacity of this daycare facility is 10 children.

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Hours of operation

MondayN/A - N/A
TuesdayN/A - N/A
WednesdayN/A - N/A
ThursdayN/A - N/A
FridayN/A - N/A
SaturdayN/A - N/A
SundayN/A - N/A

Services offered

Age GroupInfants
Classification: C1
Restrictions: No transporting of children under age nine.

Prices and payment options

Full TimeN/A
Part TimeN/A
Lorraine R Struzyk
License Holder

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Family Child Care Home
Issued: 8/10/1990

Fillmore County

Capacity: 10
Infant: YToddler: YPreschool: YSchool: Y

Struzyk Lorraine RContact Details:
Main address: 116 N Hudson Ave 55975 Spring Valley MN US
Tel:507-346-7460, Fax:, E-mail:
Map: Map

naics: 624410

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